About Us

Breweries, crosswords, and bad jokes. Oh my!

Sam once described Austin as "someone who doesn't know when to stop a bit". I took that as the greatest compliment.

Besties, former roommates, and business partners: we spend a lot of our time together. When we're not working, you can find us dabbling away at a crossword or binging all the Fast and Furious movies over the course of two weeks. When out on the town, you might see us at your local brewery where Austin will drink a stout or two while Sam sips away at her 4 oz sour.

Our aim as a team is to work with you as a couple to capture your love story in a real and authentic way.


I'm Austin, the rootinest, tootinest, photographer on this side of the Mississippi. My priority lies in making you laugh. We want to elicit real and genuine emotion from you and I want to make those emotions good ones.

My background in cinema allowed me to transition from Samantha's bag and coat carrier into second shooter and now lead! Look at me now; I'm a full time wedding photographer and part time napper. Dreams really do come true.

Some stuff I love:

  • Music
  • Beer
  • Movies
  • Stand up comedy
  • Board games
  • Lists


I'm Samantha, a photographer and visual artist living in sunny Southern California! Who I am as an artist and a person was influenced big time by the years I spent studying film photography and experimenting with different fine art mediums. I realized I was a photographer for real when I looked back on photos from growing up and noticed I wasn't in any of them. I remember always having a disposable camera; school trips, holidays, sleepovers- you name the event, I was there starring in my role as "the girl with the camera". So, if you're looking for a professional, friendly, easy-going photographer with an open mind and creative spirit then I am definitely the girl with the camera for you.

Some stuff I love:

  • Reading
  • Candy
  • Dogs
  • Giant sweaters
  • The beach

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