October 14th 2019

Elisa and Rodrigo got married with a small group of their closest family and friends on a holiday Monday in October. They booked us TWO WEEKS before their event which is pretty bananas but after we met with them we knew it was going to be a wedding we didn't want to miss. They were so clearly head over heels for each other, and itching with excitement to share this day with their families. Rodrigo especially emphasized one clear theme he wanted in their photos:

Emotion, emotion, emotion!

He described wanting to look on the day and see his parents laughing or see a tear in his wife's eyes, and really remember what it was to have the people they love most in the world all in one place. And lemme tell you these people had laughs and tears to spare!

Although this Chilean couple met in LA, both of their families traveled up from Chile for the wedding. They had put in a ton of work on decor themselves and we love a good DIY but we were not expecting the totally gorgeous centerpieces and table decor these families has managed to pull off and cram into their suitcases! Each table name was a reference to one of the couples favourite places in LA. Everything about this day felt personal and intimate.

The most beautiful (and hilarious) part of the whole thing is that I don't speak a lick of Spanish so I witnessed the whole day without a verbal cue from anyone and still felt everything they were feeling. I think you'll be able to feel it too.

Let's plan a double date