January 10th 2020

These are two super special humans right here.

Even though I wasn't the lead shooter on their wedding, even though they actually had no idea who I was, they treated me like family on THEIR wedding day. And beyond how sweet they were to me (and everyone else at their wedding) these girls absolutely glow with love and joy.

Fran was tearing up before Lynnea was even lined up for the first look. All it took was knowing she was walking up behind her to start the waterworks. And then they full on belly laughed together through all of the portraits. And it went on like that, literally laughter and happy tears ALL DAY.

One of my favourite parts of the day though was during the first dances. Fran is Venezuelan and her dance with her mother was to a very upbeat Spanish song and they GOT DOWN. It was so unique and fun to watch. They also had the Venezuelan tradition la hora loca where they dimmed the lights and gave the guests all sorts of fun lights and props (including wigs, masks, and mini rainbow flags) to turn the party up. Fran and Lynnea lived their day to the absolute fullest.

second shot for Chrissy @ chrissygphotography.com

let's plan a double date