Couples session

June 7th 2019

Despite "having his photo taken" being very low on a list of things he'd like to do, Louis gifted his long-time girlfriend Jaclyn a couples session with us for Valentine's day 2019.

Austin and I are super confident about making sure everyone is comfortable and forgetting about the cameras when they're with us, so even though we were aware of Louis' quiet reluctance (because these two lovlies are our friends and roommates) we knew it would be easy and fun no matter what.

Jaclyn and I met when we did a portrait shoot together a few years back. Sometimes people with modeling experience have a hard time being themselves in front of the camera but luckily that was not the case during this shoot!

When I look at these photos I SEE who these people are and how they fit together. Sometimes I wonder if it's just me, if I'm on an island like "OMG THIS IS SO TRANSPARENTLY 'THEM' MUHAHAHA". But then I'll hear back from clients who comment about how comfortable they were and how we captured their dynamic. Sometime's we'll even hear from complete strangers who see what we see in our couples!

We truly live for those moments. We can think what we want about our photos and what we want them to say but if the message isn't clearly received then are we doing our job? (I mean, art is subjective and there's definitely a time and place to be vague in an image so holla atcha girl if you're into that because we wanna shoot that too!)

Let's plan a double date