january 5th 2020

Here's another one I second shot for Chrissy (

Shaun and Rebecca got married on a bright and sunny January Sunday at the gorgeous Richard Nixon Library. It was my first time there (despite Austin asking if I wanted to go every single time we've ever driven past) and it delivered in every way you could want a wedding venue to deliver! The view? CHECK. Food? CHECK. Friendly Staff? DOUBLE CHECK.

This place just makes you want to fall in love.

I mean, not that you need an incredible venue to feel the love between these two!

Not to mention they had some killer personal touches that kept me smiling all day like Shaun's best man's "Hand of the King" pin, Rebecca's mom's nod to Sex and the City during her speech, and everybody belting their hearts out to Panic! at the Disco during the reception.

The little things like those are what make a wedding so special. Whenever I get home from second-shooting the first thing I do is tell Austin all the cool, new, or different stuff I noticed that set the wedding apart from the others. So shake things up! Do your wedding the way you want to. Make it memorable and personal for you and your guests.

Let's plan a double date